Thursday 20 Sep 2018
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Think Green

Environmental Concerns
During the last decade the environmental problems have the potential to alter the course of life on this planet. Nowadays, more and more, the main environmental issues are being discussed on the highest level of policy makers and governments. Global warming and climate change, toxic waste management, water and air pollution, acid rain and shrinking energy supplies are frightening challenges that may threaten our future if we do not face up to them. The failure of Copenhagen climate conference in producing an agreement between developed and developing world has proved that unfortunately selfish behaviors prevail common logic.

Of course environmental problems are not limited only to the global-sized scale. Local societies, should also solve local-sized hot environmental problems such as solid waste management and recycling, sewage treatment and environmental management of the public and private human activities.

In the heart of every effort towards the protection of our environment is the education and sensibilisation of the young people on the environment and ecology.

Dr K. Skordilis