Thursday 20 Sep 2018
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Message from the President


 Dear Candidates,

I wouldpresident first like to congratulate you for choosing Tourism and ECTS as the starting point of your professional career. Tourism is the fastest growing industry Worldwide and the most important branch of the greek economy nowadays.

The ECTS offers management-focused programmes for the hospitality industry. With an emphasis on both didactic and craft-based learning, ECTS is European in its outlook and its work ethic, and multi-national in its student body. All programs emphasize the development of generic thinking skills, the familiarisation with contemporary management techniques, and the integration of theory and practice. The programmes of ECTS prepare you for rapid progress to managerial positions.

The values that guide ECTS as we work toward our vision are:

• To provide broader educational background

• To work as reflective practitioners

• To develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills

• To respect differences of culture

• To act with integrity

• To practice and teach international work ethics

• To foster an international perspective

• To mentor our students

• To guide students to increasing responsibility

Programmes of study develop an understanding of a broad range of hospitality and business related subjects. Students develop critical thinking, communication and managerial skills. Students who graduate typically start their careers at a supervisory or assistant management level, rapidly moving on towards management positions. They can choose their work environment by seeking employment in a range of hospitality sectors, such as hotels, catering companies, conference & leisure centers, restaurants, cruise liners, tourism offices and specialized financial firms.

I advice you to see our programs carefully and contact us for assistance.

Welcome to the European College for Tourism Studies, the only Greek College exclusively specialized in Hospitality Management Studies with a view to the World.

Dr  Kyriaki Sapountzaki