Welcome to the Summer School of Languages

The European College for Tourism Studies is a College of Higher Education specialized in Hospitality and Business Management, holding a state accreditation by the Hellenic Republic and having an excellent reputation for producing some of the best tourism and business professionals in the South of Europe.

English Language Programme

A. Objectives of the Programme

For students aged 17 to 23 we offer a special Programme aimed to develop the language skills, which the student brings at entry level, towards greater competence and accuracy of usage and expression. It offers an intensive study of English grammar and vocabulary and introduces interactive and cognitive approaches to language acquisition. Communication skills for cross-cultural environments are further developed through guided reading, speaking and listening, referential comprehension, oral presentation and task-based writing.

B. What will I study?

The programme runs for a period of two or four weeks during the summer (or the winter) and includes 20 hours of classroom teaching each week plus independent study. It is intensive and includes:

  • Developing language learning skills/conversation/ comprehension / grammar
  • Basic academic writing, reading, listening and speaking.

An additional course is offered on the Ancient Greek Civilization (in English)

A minimum of 10 participants is needed for each group.


C. The experience of studying in our Athens Campus under the shadow of Acropolis.

The participants have the opportunity to combine high quality language courses with leisure in one of the most famous historical places of the world.

Our premises have a wonderful view of the Acropolis and one is located in walking distance from the Acropolis Museum, the city center and a main underground station.

Many cultural and history-related events take place in Athens all the year round offering a valuable experience to the visitors.

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D. Accommodation

The Participants are accommodated in a hotel (walking distance from their classroom) in double (or single) rooms in a nice environment and well organised facilities.

E. Cost of the Programmes

The cost of the

  • a  2 - week programme is  €1.800,00
  • a  4 - week programme is  €2.800,00

and includes:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation in a double room with breakfast
  • Coffee brakes
  • Visit to Acropolis
  • Tour of the City Center and shopping places
  • Studying material

Useful Information / extra costs

  • Accommodation in a single room (extra charge €500)
  • Meals (participants could have lunch + dinner in local restaurants/tavernas for +/- 20 per day)
  • Insurance
  • Transfer from and to the airport (extra charge €50 per person in a group of 3 persons)

For further information please contact:


Tel-Fax: +30 210 9249 080